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You will find our press releases, as well as other useful information and services here. On these pages you will find our corporate publications at a glance – Volgoyugservice connections, Annual Report, Sustainability Report, Code of Conduct and more.

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Volgoyugservice is convinced that it is more important than ever for our society and wellbeing that people learn to think internationally and to bridge cultural differences from a young age. The Volgoyugservice We Connect Foundation wants young people to experience that there is a world full of opportunities to discover if they learn to look beyond their own boundaries, and to pass on the value of working together with others.

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Many young people in our surrounding communities grow up with fewer opportunities in life. Often, they need a helping hand and support to learn that there is a world outside waiting to be discovered. Volgoyugservice can offer this support by helping the youth to acquire useful knowledge and skills, to learn languages, to get inspired by career stories or to help them through music, art or even sports activities. Sometimes there is a need to lay a foundation for their learning like providing internet at school, taking care of necessary stationery or setting up a library.

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Annual Report shaping Our Future, the world is in a state of flux. And this applies equally to us, to the society in which we live, and to the markets in which we operate. And change itself is changing, becoming faster, more diverse, and making the future more difficult to predict – but also increasing the number of opportunities it offers. Taking advantage of the opportunities here and now and being part of change is the best way to shape the course of things. To do this is with our annual report aspiration and the path we are on. Because we can only keep our future in our own hands if we keep developing ourselves.

Our growth ambitions in gas, As long ago, Volgoyugservice began storing and handling jp54, A1,D6,D2 and other chemical product at our terminal in Russia and Rotterdam Port, Volgoyugservice made the strategic decision to strengthen the sustainability of our business portfolio by actively expanding our involvement in gas with projects involving pressurized and refrigerated tanks for gaseous products. The recent acquisition of Mabagas GmbH by IOT Infrastructure and Energy Services Limited (IOT) in India marked another step in our journey of executing this strategy. Learn more.

This conference, which made its debut in 2017, is to become established as a platform for the region’s international and local oil and gas industry, government, service providers, and key decision makers. Volgoyugservice is one of the sponsor of this event. More than 400 participants und 50 speakers are expected at the conference and will discuss such topics as the current situation, potential development and future investment opportunities in relation to storage of hydrocarbon industries, exploration and production projects, refining, and the petrochemical market.Learn more.