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Our tank storage facilities located at Russia Terminal Port and Rotterdam Port.

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We understand the changes in reporting requirements, in storage technology.

We ensures safe, efficient and clean storage of products that are needed to meet the basic needs.

But too often companies get caught up in politics, as well as the increasing diversity of stakeholders.

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Best Features of Our Storage Services

Volgoyugservice tank farm provides safe and efficient storage for vital liquids, chemicals and oil products at strategic international storage shipping hubs. We stored fuel oil. Since then, our storage capacity grew from 1,900,000 m³ to higher capacity.

Storage Close Relationship

We keep a close relationship with our customers to make sure we meet their every need. From custom built solutions on-site to document processing.

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Europe’s Hub

Volgoyugservice believes that the company will remain the hub for North-western Europe. Our expanded site will handle a wide range of requiring storage in stainless steel tanks.

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Full Service Depots

Volgoyugservice storage’ global network of large storage tank storage depots and/or cleaning stations is strategically located in key markets worldwide.

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Who We Are

Volgoyugservice tank farm are highly qualified in what we do as an organization with a vision to be number one, our customer satisfaction is our priority, and we guarantee 100% commitment and quality storage delivery, we are also in the acquisition, oil and gas storage and shipping of high technology, oil and gas tools / parts and heavy engineering. You can count on us to make this a hassle free experience for your tank storage inquiries. ​​Major hubs are terminals along major shipping routes, where many suppliers and customers are active and where efficient supply chain management processes are of most importance.

Volgoyugservice company provide services for the storage, quality analysis and logistics of fuel and energy products to our clients storage in petroleum and petrochemical industry world wide.

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Volgoyugservice tank farm has active in tank storage logistics, and is among one of the largest independent operators of tank terminals for oils, chemicals and gases worldwide with multipurpose storage fuel terminals.

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As major storage terminal hubs in Russia Terminal Port and Rotterdam Port. With an experience of over the years in the storage field of oil and gas tank, the Volgoyugservice storage group offers a large range of high quality and quantity of high performance storage. As a progressive and innovative storage company, we are highly in tune with todayʼs and current storage market trends. As such, we are proud to offer you cutting edge ideas and concepts to meet your everchanging business needs.

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We owns and operates a midstream energy infrastructure and provides logistics services for crude oil storage, Aviation kerosene (jp54), Diesel fuel D6, Mazut m100, and other petroleum product and other natural gas. Volgoyugservice operate an extensive network of pipelines, terminals, storage facilities. Visite us for more enquiries for tank storage agreement