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Career Strategy

Volgoyugservice is among one of the biggest employers in Russia, europoort. We employ professional workers in upstream/downstream storage, support services, R&D. We do our best to ensure our employees’ professional and career development. We welcome both young and experienced professionals who want to grow and be part of the nation-scale company. Volgoyugservice engages talented employees who are team players, can complete their tasks responsibly, are result-oriented, and are not afraid of taking initiative. If you see your future in oil and gas tank storage, please contact us for enquiry;


Our employees know the Volgoyugservice out of their own acquire experiences tank storage projecting in many years. They will give you exciting insights into our business units and individual functions.

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Our storage business is just getting goods from A to Z, from it: Volgoyugservice offers customers an end-to-end portfolio of solutions for complex logistics chains plus attractive value-added services.

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Volgoyugservice Career Services

Development through Tailored Programs and Targeted Measures

Our industry and the various business segments involve extremely diverse responsibilities that require a broad range of qualifications, skills and expertise. We have to brush up on these on a regular basis and often learn completely new things.

Equal Opportunity

  • We see diversity as a key to success, both in our lines of business and among our employees.
  • We aim to further increase diversity within our company by employing both male and female employees.
  • From many different cultures,all employees can anonymously report cases of discrimination.
  • Harassment or other violations of the Code of Conduct to the central Code of Conduct Team and via the CARE Platform at any time. Join us to be future-ready for the connected world in tank storage business in Rotterdam terminal port, Houston port.​​​​
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Services Prospectives

  • We are always open to change in our service require from costumers, and flexibility in carrying out logistics projects.
  • Our tank storage and the technology are constantly changing for better position for our client product store personal development.
  • We boost the skills, responsibilities and objectives through tailored leadership development programs and targeted advanced storage measures.
  • Our experienced professionals have the opportunity for purpose led, thriving intank storage careers. Working with outstanding people to deliver sustainable business service growth.
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